by Wendy Biscuit on December 5, 2012

There is only one way I can describe this past weekend.. well maybe a few ways actually.. It was exhilarating, rewarding, but mostly musically DIVERSE. My Weekend started off with a two hour solo stint at the Christmas Farmers Market. I love being a part of my local community and want to share the best I can offer in entertainment. They asked for Christmas carols, SO I grabbed a fake book from the local music store and spent a good solid week brushing up on the infinite charts of current to ancient songs. Loved it. Got to be background music and noodle away on guitar and even sing classical again. Pleased to report that a few private solo Christmas party jobs came from the gig. Community involvement is a blessing! 

The night went on to include a last minute call at Falconetti’s .. called out the Dirty Swing Band to my favourite little sausage factory and vibrant nightlife spot on Commercial Drive. Apparently there was a 75 person reso for the night + regular clientele and the  room was on fire.. haha! they had been on a pub crawl since noon.. so imagine THAT! 

The next morning involved waking up early to perform the brunch show at The Heritage Grill. This is a new time spot for me.. and a very pleasant way to share a different side of my repertoire with again, a community involved venue that cares for and nurtures the art of live performance (not to mention their delicious breakfasts- my mother is a poached egg connoisseur and APPROVED). I am able to pull out Jazz standards as well as my newer and some older original ballads.. contemplative songs inspired by Paul Simon about love and heartbreak and moving on and growing stronger.. strange but true.. yes my songwriting is evolving.. I am greatly inspired by this direction and thankful for having a platform to share and express this.

Then a last minute gig at Guilt. Where do I start? None of my usual Dirty Swing Banders were available for this except the drummer.. so I really needed to pull something out of my hat. I will never turn a gig down at this venue I love it so much!! I felt like the luckiest gal in Vancouver when Mr. Paul Pigat agreed to come down and fart around for an unrehearsed.. mostly original show of my old dirty cowpunk songs and low down filthy blues. I can’t speak highly enough about Paul. I have known him for years and have always been a big fan. He’s a gentleman of the highest standard and a musician through and through. I was humbled to play guitar with him and in awe of his ability to play original music that he’s never heard without a chart.. and for those of you who know my cowpunk repertoire.. IT AIN’T STANDARD if ya know what I’m saying… Regardless.. last night was pretty magical and that line-up will DEFINITELY happen again.

So! from solo, classical, dirty swing, jazz, folk, roots to badass cowpunk slide This weekend has been a whirlwind of last minute gigs and beautiful people. Playing my original music with folks I look up to and respect is my true musical calling.  I love this life and Life is a Gift. 


Bandmates and Heartaches

by Wendy Biscuit on November 26, 2012

Haven’t blogged in a while.. busy on a Steven Spielburg Dreamworks Show.. and the fun filled drama of being a bandleader has kept my tongue under wraps for fear that I may publicly declare damaging or hurtful words. So dust has settled and emotions are clear and in check.. Getting ready to record a  whack of new tunes and finish my first CD. The day-job has definitely been delaying this process.
Cut to the chase. Way too much ego in this industry. Now that I’ve re-arranged the line-up of players in the Dirty Swing Band I am thrilled to say that I am so on track with my original goals of sharing creative expression and what comes from within with others who enjoy original music as much as I do.

Being surrounded by supportive and encouraging friends and players is the greatest feeling and truly a gift I appreciate more each and every day.

My research on swing music has become a full blown obsession and I can only move forward with faith in the many talented folks I am influenced by. As soon as this film contract is up I can finalize a date and get into the studio in order to offer my soul to all those who are interested and understand my message. LIFE IS A GIFT

Come down this Sunday and hear the new originals before anyone else. These Sunday brunch shows are lovely.



by Wendy Biscuit on September 2, 2012

Okay folks! It’s been a long time since I blogged so let’s keep ya’ll INFORMED!! I’ve had some tremendously fun and creative experiences with some amazing local music legends including a night of jazz and blues featuring Jack Stafford on sax and flute.. (there will be more of that!) as well as a wedding with jazz greats Henry Young and Doug Louie. I am spoiled! The Dirty Swing Band is as tight as can be and lately every venue we’ve been at has had the dance floor packed with music- loving party animals. Thanks be to the boys.. Jack Lavin, Dave Webb, Marty Bernard and Mr. John Nolan.

I’m now at the level of the dreaded agent… up until now its been a labour of love for me and a rush to book the best rooms in town all by my little old unknown self.. and I’m proud of the fact that I shamelessly sell and promote the band BECAUSE THEY ARE DAMN GOOD!! 

Some agents are knocking, some are peeking around the door to see what the Biscuit is up to next. I feel like I need to be two steps ahead of it all because being the original weirdo that I am, I’d rather fall into obscurity than be pigeon- holed into a role or genre that doesn’t fulfill my heart and soul.. 

All I want to do is put smiles on people’s faces and take them away from their troubles for a few hours in the evening- make them feel safe and create an atmosphere that is based on freedom of expression and all- inclusive enjoyment of life!

All this who’s who and what are they up to? The undercutting and back- talking is doing a number on my head so I’m taking to the ethereal quill to vent something that’s been gnawing at me for only a slight while. I promised to be honest. I promised to stay true to my dream of reaching out through the medium of music to tell a story and stay sincere and try my best. 

Being a professional musician pays like shit at the best of times.. but now I’m encountering the insidiousness of so- called business men who lock down venues simply so they can profit off the bands they hire. So far I have been able to do everything and more than any agent has ever offered me. Or, perhaps I have yet to meet the right one for me. Regardless….. 

STAY THE COURSE BISCUIT!! (the voices say)



by Wendy Biscuit on June 29, 2012

My brain is through the roof.. I have have so much in my head and quite a bit more to add to it. I’m looking forward to all my upcoming gigs.. the dirty swing band is a tight ship. I’m digging the challenge of building a solo act as well. I can confidently pull off one set.. two sets is a little more work.. I bet all the old veterans would laugh at me right now, cause they all know what it’s like to sit up there and keep the crowd entertained and the music flowing for hours on end.. i’m pretty new at performing solo.. unless you count busking on Granville and Seymour for french fries and  green hair dye back in the early 90’s. (i will always maintain that i made good money busking!)


July 7th The Heritage Grill (my birthday)
July 9th Music on the Wharf
July 21st Kingfishers Grill
August 3rd The Cellar Jazz Club
August 24th The Fairview

and a bunch of solo acts in between .. particularily happy to do a solo act with the Downtown Maple Ridge noon hour concert series.. just me and my guitar and the folks of 224th st at Memorial Park :)

a couple of interesting projects coming up at the Railway Club and a live radio broadcast.. I’ll keep you posted..

and The Hardrock Miner’s Singalong this Mon. July 2nd.. but that’s a whole new blog ….



by Wendy Biscuit on June 25, 2012

The music business is a tough place.. where I’m at anyway.. I’m learning how to hustle 
and it ain’t easy. Lotsa bands, fewer and fewer venues. When I started this blog I wanted to keep a journal of my learnings 
and i haven’t stopped learning yet.

#1 – when they all told me years ago to keep believing in myself they were right

#2 – nobody’s gonna do anything for you so 
be thankful for everything because its a 

#3 – listen to the bass player

#4 – grow the thickest hide possible and reinforce it with good faith

#5 – take risks and hope for the best

 I play music because I love it and I love 
the folks I play it with. Everyone will 
always have an opinion.. music is fairly subjective and we all know what we like. I just want it to be as good as it can be. Some folks support you, others don’t, so don’t 
rely on others for continued success. Don’t stop promoting cause  a quality product is worth it. Life without performing live music would suck, so I’ll carry on thank- you, I’ve still got some stripes to earn……

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