Wendy Biscuit

“Swing & Jazz peppered around the edges with a bit of Blues, is what you will get from this really fun and fresh new release from Wendy Biscuit. Yet another amazingly talented Westcoast Singer, Songwriter, and Musician. Well worth a listen.”

Source: Blues Underground Network

Wendy Le Van can’t say for sure, but the Crossroad Demon himself may have smitten her with the blues

Source: Monisha Martins, Maple Ridge News

Wendy Biscuit is a lover of all things musical. Obsessed by swing, not the genre but the connection created when dedicated, talented musicians make a commitment to blending and achieving melody, meter, harmony and rhythm, she remains focused on producing and performing complexity with a light- hearted whimsical approach.

Wendy Biscuit

Her musical journey ranges from deep into the early 1920’s delta, up to Chicago, back down to New Orleans and lingers in New York for a spell. Combined with an integrated knowledge of her own original Ozark Mountain flavor and phrasing, as a singer she pays homage to the past with a fresh sound and dedication to artists that influence her style. Memphis Minnie, Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, Koko Taylor, Irma Thomas, Billy Holiday, Anita O’Day, Patsy Cline, Wanda Jackson and Julie London to name a few.

As a solo artist, completely inspired from within, accompanying herself on guitar, Biscuit has over 60 registered titles. Much of which plays with time signature and arrangements. Her personal challenge has been to write complicated songs that sound simple. If you’ve never danced to a song written in 11/4 time, come to a solo show. She’ll get you tapping a foot or two.

As a published songwriter, her music has been featured on the Warner Brothers hit series ‘Supernatural’ with the song CROSSROAD FRIEND released on her debut album, FRESH*HOT*SWING.

Music and songwriting is a gift and a necessary part of her life, so thank-you for joining her on the journey – you’ll never know what she’s up to next.