‘Little Bitty Wendy Biscuit’ is the pet name given to her at birth by her late Ozark- born Father. He would proudly tell the church choir- master how baby biscuit would sing herself to sleep with hymn melodies before her first birthday. At three years of age she was allowed to join the Children’s Choir and although she couldn’t read the words to the hymns, she could read the music.

Classically trained in Choral singing and on the Cello throughout her early years, she begged and pleaded for a guitar and one fateful Christmas, her dream came true at 12 years old. Wendy sat down the very next day and wrote her first song.IMG_1071

While continuing her classical training, Wendy explored many genres of music. Her first Professional live performance took place at the CiTR Shindig competition at the famous Vancouver Venue, ‘The Railway Club’ as the lead singer of a Techno Industrial band- THE DEPROGRAMMERS. She was 16, and already had songwriting credits for composing the theme song to SHAW TV’s (at that time Rogers Cable) URBAN DEMENTIA.

After challenging herself to write 40 songs in one year with an all-original female duo “Hawkins Revenge” Inspired by her life-long muse and musical genius, Paul Simon, she found herself performing her own unique brand of harmony and counterpoint on stages such as The Historic Yale Hotel and other world- class venues.

She discovered blues music by association with some of the best Musicians in Vancouver. She didn’t know what would happen when she began BLUES BOOT CAMP with Bassist Jack Lavin of Powder Blues. He provided her with a wealth of information and stage experience to hone her craft as a professional songstress.

Next, Wendy Biscuit integrated her diverse musical history with a love of the sound and feel of 1920’s-1960’s swing music and jump blues to carve out an original unique journey of creativity with her “DIRTY SWING BAND” and along came her second Album of original music “FRESH HOT SWING” featuring Willie MacCalder, Jack Lavin, James Buddy Rogers, Dave Webb and Jack Stafford.

biscuit cover

Currently, The Biscuit has teamed up with Tim Hearsey to form the all original duo, BISCUITS and GRAVY and they have just released a brand new album entitled “Little Piece Of Fun”


Tim Hearsey is considered amongst the finest blues guitarists in Canada. His song writing rewarded him a Juno Award in 1996 (for That River – Jim Byrnes) and then again in 2004 (Fresh Horses – Jim Byrnes).

Wendy continues to collaborate with other artists and has co- writing credits for songs written and recorded by many talented musicians.