Wendy BiscuitWendy BiscuitWendy Biscuit is a fresh face with an old soul combining her passion for creativity and original music with an authentic vintage swing sound and stage presence completely unique unto herself.

She brings a lifetime of performance experience and professionalism to every stage along with North America’s finest musicians, connecting with her audience in a very personal way no matter how large or small the venue.

Wendy Biscuit is passionate about bringing only the highest quality of music to her fans, and committed to sharing her joy of creating a musical journey to the past, into the present and forward to the future

Entertainment is an understatement.  A shining star of versatile talent, Wendy Biscuit is a songwriter, a musician, a singer, and a performer of the highest caliber.  She brings a positive and magical energy everywhere she goes and within every task she undertakes, creating a lasting impression on everyone she meets.

Wendy BiscuitAs a solo artist strumming away on her acoustic guitar or backed by a six-piece band, her captivating vocal ability tells a story while she sings. Hints of an old sound from an older memory roam throughout her phrasing and melodies with clarity and tonality completely inspired from within.  Due to her diverse repertoire and extensive knowledge of 1920-1960 swing and jump music, she is often billed as a prominent, rising Jazz and Blues Singer. However, Wendy Biscuit is first and foremost on all accounts an original artist, dedicated to and focused on playing in the pocket, having fun and including everyone!

Available for touring, festivals, special events and all- purpose entertainment, Wendy Biscuit performs regularly on the best stages in Vancouver BC, where she is based.  Also a prolific songwriter and lyricist she works behind the scenes writing music for television and film and has had her music featured on hit series such as Warner Bros. Supernatural. She is always busy with a new project or welcoming a new challenge and considers life a gift

Purchase music from her latest release FRESH*HOT*SWING by download or order your hard copy today. Check her tour schedule to see when Wendy Biscuit is performing near you and call to make a reservation. You’ll be glad you did.

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